We are in the era of the internet and almost 25% of the day of people living in cities is spent on their devices. This is the time when business is shifting its course to the online market, and if you are a visionary entrepreneur, then these business ideas can help you in establishing a constant and easy source of income.

Creating Chatbots

Chatbots can be incredibly useful today, and there are hundreds of applications which requires chatbots to process their common tasks of solving queries of the users. There are various businesses which can require a chatbot in their systems. A chatbot can do things such as building awareness and empathy, polling public sentiment, driving civic engagement, helping fight pollution, distributing accurate public health information, encouraging healthy living, offering people counselling. There are numerous chatbot building platforms available which are made for users to build their own bots without the knowledge of coding.

Online Fundraising Consultant

If you are experienced in finance and sales, then you can carry the same experience to online platforms. By combining these two skills, you can start your own fundraising consultant business for charities. You will have to build a network among the charities and develop good relations with the ones which you find appropriate. When you have an established relationship with these charities, all you have to do is create and implement well-defined fundraising programs to help them raise money for their cause.

Educational Blogging

If you have any knowledge that you could use to teach something new to the people, then blogging can be one thing that you can try out. You can share your knowledge and experiences on travelling, food habits, languages, repair and restoration skills, eco-friendly living and more. To open a blog, you can either join the platforms such as Tumblr, WordPress, Instagram, etc. or you can hire a web designer who can build you a fresh website, and once it is complete, you can start posting your articles and videos. If your blog gets popular, then you can place Google AdSense on your website, start an affiliate program, create webinars and offer online courses for money. There are innumerous possibilities once your blog gets enough recognition.

Online Teaching

Teaching can be another profession that you can start over the internet. You can provide the service to people over video chats and teaching videos to help others get the knowledge. You can help the people in getting basic education to having in-depth knowledge about things they are interested in exploring. You can take tuition classes for college students, for foreign languages or become a consultant in startups, doing taxes and living a healthy life.

Writing ebooks

You can create a platform for users and provide them with a digital copy of their favourite books at a lower price than the printed copy. eBooks are in demand as people nowadays often stick to their mobile phones for getting any information rather than books and magazines. E-books are free to start and can be sold on huge platforms such as Amazon. You can also donate copies to the non-profit organisations who believe in your cause.

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