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Best Sites To Make Money With Online Surveys

If you feel what you are earning right now is not enough for you and you want to have an additional source of income without stressing yourself too much, an online survey can be the way for you to make easy money. The brands in the market always want to know what is going on in their customer’s brain, and they are willing to pay for getting reviewed by their customers. You can earn a big significant amount of money with the paid surveys. But before you jump into filling up the survey forms, try to respect your time and do not keep filling the forms until you are frustrated. Before you begin, try to do some research about the brand and how much the survey is worth. Now, if you have a job already, then you cannot dedicate all your time just to do surveys. So, try to limit your surveys and do not be greedy over more earnings as the surveys can be tricky and can get to know if you are serious or just there for the money. Here are eight online platforms which offer paid surveys for top brands in the market.


Getting past the name, you will realise that Swagbucks is actually one of the most reputed companies in the online survey platforms. Every time you complete a survey on this site, your credit will be accounted as SBs, which you can then convert into gift cards, cash or PayPal credit. Swagbucks also offer other ways of making money such as by online shopping, web searches, and watching videos.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkies are one of the top websites which offer money for the survey. They have over 5,000,000 members, which is one of the highest member bases of a survey website. You can sign up for Survey Junkie using your Facebook account. There are no special requirements from the website, and new surveys are available every day. You will have an estimate of how much you can earn from their surveys before you start so you know the exact value for your time. It is one of the highest-paid online survey platforms that you can try out.


MyPoints pays their users for watching online videos, take surveys, playing games and more. It is a sister platform of Swagbucks and is operated from the same company. So it is a reliable source since SwagBucks is already a leading platform for surveys.

Vindale Research

It is a decade old company and one of the best survey platforms available. The best part of the company is that you get instant cash for the surveys that you do, and there is no system to keep a track. Vindale pays comparatively more than its competitive platforms, and you also get a small bonus for joining the site.

VIP Voice

VIP voice does not provide direct cash but has very attractive offers. It pays you in points for completing the surveys, and when you have enough collected, you can use them to purchase the rewards displayed on their site. The prizes include vacations, electronics, appliances, home decors and many more.

Business Ideas to Make Easy Money

We are in the era of the internet and almost 25% of the day of people living in cities is spent on their devices. This is the time when business is shifting its course to the online market, and if you are a visionary entrepreneur, then these business ideas can help you in establishing a constant and easy source of income.

Creating Chatbots

Chatbots can be incredibly useful today, and there are hundreds of applications which requires chatbots to process their common tasks of solving queries of the users. There are various businesses which can require a chatbot in their systems. A chatbot can do things such as building awareness and empathy, polling public sentiment, driving civic engagement, helping fight pollution, distributing accurate public health information, encouraging healthy living, offering people counselling. There are numerous chatbot building platforms available which are made for users to build their own bots without the knowledge of coding.

Online Fundraising Consultant

If you are experienced in finance and sales, then you can carry the same experience to online platforms. By combining these two skills, you can start your own fundraising consultant business for charities. You will have to build a network among the charities and develop good relations with the ones which you find appropriate. When you have an established relationship with these charities, all you have to do is create and implement well-defined fundraising programs to help them raise money for their cause.

Educational Blogging

If you have any knowledge that you could use to teach something new to the people, then blogging can be one thing that you can try out. You can share your knowledge and experiences on travelling, food habits, languages, repair and restoration skills, eco-friendly living and more. To open a blog, you can either join the platforms such as Tumblr, WordPress, Instagram, etc. or you can hire a web designer who can build you a fresh website, and once it is complete, you can start posting your articles and videos. If your blog gets popular, then you can place Google AdSense on your website, start an affiliate program, create webinars and offer online courses for money. There are innumerous possibilities once your blog gets enough recognition.

Online Teaching

Teaching can be another profession that you can start over the internet. You can provide the service to people over video chats and teaching videos to help others get the knowledge. You can help the people in getting basic education to having in-depth knowledge about things they are interested in exploring. You can take tuition classes for college students, for foreign languages or become a consultant in startups, doing taxes and living a healthy life.

Writing ebooks

You can create a platform for users and provide them with a digital copy of their favourite books at a lower price than the printed copy. eBooks are in demand as people nowadays often stick to their mobile phones for getting any information rather than books and magazines. E-books are free to start and can be sold on huge platforms such as Amazon. You can also donate copies to the non-profit organisations who believe in your cause.

Students Earning

Flexible Ways for College Students to Earn Money

there is no denying the fact that everybody wants to earn money. Some people make money for a living, and some people earn money because they want to satisfy or achieve something in life. Regardless of the purpose, college students bring in the urge to make money as they have a ton of dreams and goals. So, as a college student if you’re wondering how to get your hands on some cash, then we have some ways through which you can achieve that.

1. Focus on Your Talent

Youth is the period where people would like to explore things and enter into new ventures. The vigour and enthusiasm you have at this age should never be misused. So you need to sit  and focus all your energy towards your talent. Be it music, theatre, dance or anything for that matter. You can adapt to find ways to earn money through this, and you will have fun doing so because you are good at it. Hence bathroom singing and mirror acting can take you places kid.

Focus on Your Talent

2. Part-time Jobs

Every individual in college goes through a period where they take up part-time jobs to assist their education and a lot of other activities. Part-time jobs give you the initial push, and one need not worry about the type or kind of job. These jobs are the first ones which provide you with a different experience and exposure. They teach you life lessons and things which your classroom will not teach you. So take up a part-time job.

Part time jobs have really changed in recent years, especially for students. A part time job for a student used to involve working at a bar or restaurant but these days remote working opportunities play a big part in attracting students to part time positions. Many brands and businesses will employ freelance content writers to write about subjects or topics that they have an interest in, in return for a set amount of money per article or per number of words.

You can find a whole range of companies that work with freelance content writers on sites such as people per hour, or you can reach out directly to businesses and brands such as this website.


3. Investments

As college students, we are pretty sure that you would have watched ‘Wolf of Wall Street’. The Martin Scorsese directorial talks about the life of a well-known stockbroker named Jordan Belfort and his rise to being a millionaire. That being said, you need not go through the same path, but you can start by taking little steps. Learning and exploring the stock market and various other types of investment patterns is an ideal move. By doing so, you get a hold of how the market and economy functions. To learn about all the factors associated with the market before you make an investment.

4. Social Media Influencer

If your an individual stuck in social media apps like Instagram or Facebook, then you could be a social media influencer. As a step towards digital marketing, companies invest in influencers who have a good amount of followers. Although this is not an easy task, there is no harm in giving it a try considering the fact that you spend hours on Instagram. Choosing a lifestyle in this regard is necessary as firms or organisations pay accordingly.

Money Making Apps

Money Making Apps You Need to Download Right Away

In the 21st century, most people reach out to their phones the moment they find themselves in a situation which might be boring. This time that you spend in front of your phone can be put to better use. Yes, that’s right because now you can earn money through individual apps. So here are a few of those apps through which you can make money.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of those apps which has given around $97,751,668 in rewards. All you need to do is download the app from either IOS or Android and begin earning points. Points called SB can be made by completing surveys, watching videos, searching the web, completing daily offers etc.

2. Money App

Money App

This is another ideal app through which you can earn a pocket full of money. To make money, you need to complete tasks relating to market research. Offering opinions, checking store displays, completing various tasks, participating in free trials etc. can give you rewards and these rewards provide you with money.

3. Ipoll

Ipoll is all about completing surveys or questionnaires. After you describe your likes and interests, the app provides you with details regarding surveys which match your description. The more surveys you complete, the more money you tend to earn through this app, which is available in both Android and IOS.

4. BookScouter

As the name suggests, BookScouter is an app designed to let you sell all your old books by entering or scanning the barcode number. The app instantly provides you with details from all major websites which buy books. You can compare prices and decide which site to pick and sell your book. One need not worry about transportation, as shipping charges are free.

5. Slidejoy

Slidejoy is quite different, considering all the other apps which help you earn money. It’s called Slidejoy because it displays advertisements on your lock screen soon after installing the app. There are additional options where you can swipe up for more ads and swipe left for more information. These advertisements pop up, relating to the number of times you unlock the phone. Apart from this, you can earn extra money from the app by taking part in surveys and other such things.

6. Apptrailers

All you need to do here is watch trailers of new apps which might have a duration of 30 seconds to a minute. The more trailers you view; the more points you are bound to earn. These points can be redeemed through gift cards or as cash using PayPal. Apart from watching trailers, one can also obtain more points by uploading videos and getting likes. Like other money-making apps, Apptrailers is also available on IOS and Android.